Legacy of the Land

I went out this evening, late-ish sunset, the sky still glowing on a balmy night, the fireflies dancing above the lawns, and saw no children on a block where I know there are many. It’s finally sinking in, the level to which children today have been divorced from the natural world between structured play and … More Legacy of the Land

Something There Is in Nature That Doesn’t Love a Wall*

Permaculturists aren’t made quickly. You don’t walk into a permaculture intensive one day and pop out 72 hours later as an instant professional. No surprise there, when you consider that those 72 hours are basically spent learning how to observe, recognize, and replicate natural patterns and living ecosystems to feed and nurture humans, plants, and wildlife…and … More Something There Is in Nature That Doesn’t Love a Wall*

Why Partner the Water?

Why does anyone get into permaculture? I could list many reasons, starting with three – to provide long-term food in a way that restores the land rather than depleting it; to work with, rather than against, natural processes (thus reducing the workload greatly); to create a self-sustaining mini-ecosystem that supports many forms of life, not just human… For me, … More Why Partner the Water?