Boston and Restoring the Water Cycle to Reverse Global Warming

I’m writing from my AirBnB futon in East Boston after Day 2 of the second Biodiversity for a Livable Climate conference…and IMG_20151017_094931963what an event it is! Not only is the concept mind-bending, but the sheer weight of scientific evidence produced by the star-studded lineup of experts is simply overwhelming. From the fields of hydrology to journalism, permaculture to publishing, geology to education and community activism, the message is coming through loud and clear:

The climate change problem isn’t limited to carbon emissions: a primary cause is humans’ devastation of forest ecosystems. Throughout history it’s been documented again and again that when the forests are clear-cut, the rains decrease and the springs and rivers dry up. When the forests are replanted, the springs and rain return, and the temperature drops.

While we do need the governments and corporations to agree on cutting emissions, we are not limited to this single solution to our global peril. If everyone, individually and institutionally, can act together to protect the trees and rivers, and establish biodiverse micro-ecosystems on our properties (yes, permaculture!), we can sequester tons of carbon and begin to restore the hydrological cycles.

We can do this. We can be the change.

Of course the process is  more complex than this, but It’s nearly midnight now and I need to get some sleep – waking up at 6:00 and facing a 5-hour drive after the conference ends at 5:00 tomorrow – but let me post these three titles for your reading pleasure…..

Cows Save the Planet: And Other Improbable Ways of Restoring Soil to Heal the Earth by Judith Schwartz

Water: A Natural History by Alice Outwater

Grass, Soil, Hope: A Journey Through Carbon Country  by Courtney White

And you can catch the conference videos here – warning, this is mind-bending, eye-opening, startling material!


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