Cutting Hedges and Trees, Filling in the Berm…and more…

It’s been a crazy spring…with cold rainy weather lasting well into May, and with me being out of the country at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, not much got done on the garden…but that’s not to say I wasn’t learning profound lessons on connecting with the consciousness of nature…

But before I left, I did manage to get a good bit of work done on the hugel berm, thanks to Kenny Johnston, local arborist and sculptural woodcarver. I’d been watching the buds begin to emerge on the gently-pruned hedge, and realizing that unless it was pruned again, hard, it would be bare stalks with a fringe of greenery at the top. And walking my property, paying close attention to the trees, gads, did they need tending…the pussy willow and Chinese Elm had branches bumping up against the house; the little cottonwood by the porch had finally given up the ghost; the silver maple by the front porch was heading into another blighted year, while its roots were knocking on my foundation wall…sadly, I realized that one had to come down.IMG_20160608_200150912_TOP

On the positive side, however, their sacrifice would feed the berm…quite possibly even two of the three I had planned….with maybe one or two logs to inoculate for mushrooms…they would not die in vain.

So on a sunny (for once) March day, I told the trees and bushes what was about to happen; assured the ones to be pruned that my intent was not to hurt them but to help them grow healthily; and offered a ceremony of gratitude, regret, and farewell to the silver maple. Kenny arrived; I began flowing Reiki to the maple for a merciful passage…and by the end of the day, the berm had been filled with chips; the side garden had been chip-mulched, and I had a pile of logs ready for the next berm.

Since then, I’ve been watching…and thanks be, while the veg garden has been saturated from all the rain, it has not been submerged in standing water. The berm and its load of logs, boughs and chips has captured the influx, and held it.

Progress! Deep gratitude to the Standing Ones for their giveaways, large and small….

So I still need to find an organic farm willing to let me have the composted manure of its livestock…and mix that in with a healthy dose of green and dead organic matter and the soil I’d dug out of the trench, and spread that on top of the contents of the berm. Another big job, and one in which I have the possibility of some help. And once I get my overcommitments sorted out, the permaculture potlucks and workshops can begin…

The Project is moving forward!


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