Tomatoes and faith

Cheers to fellow garden-blogger Wolfegeo for this inspiring piece on the resilience and intelligence of Nature…

marias treasures

When I built the trellis for the tomatoes a few people wondered why on earth I made it so tall.  The middle bar is about 4 feet above the ground and the top bar is at 7 feet.  I  told them that this is as high as I can comfortably reach.   The looks I got said it all.  They thought I was crazy.  No one but me thought they would benefit from a trellis this tall.

20160607_behindTomatoes “Sweetie” open pollinated cherry tomatoes.  That’s me admiring the potatoes.  June 7, 2016

Remember we don’t use commercial fertilizers,  nor do we spray.  Co-workers think that’s about the silliest thing they ever heard. But is it?  Look at the forests, the meadows, the diversity of life in natural areas left untouched by man.  They team with life and not a bag of 10-10-10 insight.  Just the cycle of life.  When something dies (be…

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